Access to Education – Through contributions and donations, Kibera Hamlets administers a scholarship program which covers school fees and college tuition for young people from Kibera who cannot afford the cost of an education.

HIV/AIDS Support and CounsellingThis weekly support group provides counselling for members who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and allows them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to better meet their own health needs and the needs of their dependents.

Girl’s Empowerment This peer education and training programme, targeted at girls aged 12 and up, enables them to learn about and discuss urgent and critical issues affecting their daily lives, including early marriage, teenage pregnancy, abortion, HIV/ AIDS, poverty and violence. Through this program, the child headed family girls also receive  academic scholaships from well wishers through a project initiated by Karen Ande when she came to talk to girls for a book she was writing .Karen gave talks in the Temple united methodist church in Sanfrancisco Califonia she raised $1900, she also gave talks at Sf quakers church and raised $525.

Environmental Conservation This project is aimed at creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for human life in the Kibera slums through environmental cleanups and tree planting. Members of Kibera Hamlets have also recently begun a recycling program.

Drama/Acrobatics Group  By creating a space for inspiring artistic expression through theatre, dance, acrobatics, music, narratives, poetry and creative writing, this project not only enables youth to their find voices, it also increases self-confidence, team work and showcases the diversity of cultures in Kibera. Through public performances and participatory educational theatre, this group raises awareness and engages the local community in discussions on critical issues affecting young people in Kibera.



Sports Program –Through the organization of friendly soccer tournaments and afternoon coaching, Kibera Hamlets is actively involved in encouraging sport for the emotional and physical development of both girls and boys ranging from age 11 and up.  Kibera Hamlets believes that soccer is a powerful tool through which to educate and reduce idleness and risky behaviour among youth.

Nursery and Primary schoolThis project aims to nurture and promote the healthy well-being of orphaned children in Kibera through a daytime nursery and primary school and feeding program. Financed by the sale of crafts made by local women, and built and run by members of Kibera Hamlets, the activities are aimed at improving children’s access to education.  

Peacebuilding and Violence Prevention - With residents of Kibera having suffered greatly in the recent post-election violence in Kenya, Kibera Hamlets’ newest peer education program involves training young men in conflict analysis and prevention. Peer educators have now undertaken several peacebuilding projects including: an outreach program in local schools that combines friendly soccer matches with education on the dangers of tribalism, gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS and a training program for adults focusing on human rights, HIV/AIDS and peacebuilding.

Community Library - Thanks to a large donation of books, Kibera Hamlets has recently begun setting up a community library in Kibera with the aim of offering youth a quiet and safe space for reading, writing and study.