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Somesha is a Kiswahili word meaning to educate. Somesha program is focusing on improving access to trainings and education for the beneficiaries.Through this program we have been able to achieve this:

1.Primary school learning program:

We believe in upholding children rights, especially the right to education .We run a free primary school based on the Kenya’s ministry of education guidelines and education policies. We enroll orphans and vulnerable children from the age of 6 to 15 years living in Kibera. We provide them with school uniform, meals and stationery.

By providing meals we ensure that the children are healthy due to the provision of a daily balanced diet.Through this program, the children are protected from exploitation and child labour that results when they are not in school.We also raise their literacy level by imparting reading and writing skills.Since inception the school has benefited over 3000 children living in Kibera.

2. Secondary School

Despite government efforts to subsidise high school education, the transition from primary to high school is still low in Kibera. Most parents and guardians living below the poverty line are unable to afford the reduced school fees resulting in school dropouts and the youth are forced to look for informal jobs. If they are unable to find jobs they are forced by circumstances to turn into crime and prostitution.


It is this situation that led to the establishment of the Migori education centre girls high school that offers secondary education to bright and vulnerable girls. Our goal is to improve the access to high school education,school attendance and academic performance.

 3. Skill based trainings/workshops:

Lack of opportunity for further education and skills deficit is one of the contributing factors to youth unemployment and poverty  among the youth living in Kibera.

This program targets the youth locked out of formal education. We conduct skills transfer trainings to enable participants start and run  informal businesses. The trainings include hairdressing, making necklaces and jewellery from beads, photography, cooking classes, event decoration, gardening, and housekeeping skills.

This program helps the beneficiaries get sustainable income by making them self reliant. With the help of partners after going through the program they undergo apprenticeship.

 4. College/institute sponsorship:

Our Sponsorship program provides access to higher education. The youth are sponsored for technical courses, college and university education.

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