kibera hamlets programmes

Education Programme

Through contributions and donations, Kibera Hamlets administers a scholarship program which covers school fees and college tuition for young people from Kibera who cannot afford school fees. 

Kibera school program targets orphans and vulnerable children from the age of 6 to 15 years and residents of Kibera community. Currently  Kibera Hamlets  provides school uniform, meals and school stationeries to school going children. 

Project objectives:

  • To ensure all students are retained in school.
  • To improve school attendance among the students.
  • To improve academic performance of the students
  • To improve the concentration span and learning capacity of the students

Girls Empowerment programme

This peer education and training programme targets teenage girls, enables them to learn and discuss urgent and critical issues affecting their daily lives, including early marriage, teenage pregnancy, abortion, HIV/ AIDS, poverty and gender based violence.

This project envisions a community living with absolute “peace of Mind”. The project appreciates the fact that beneath the poor, dusty, rusty roofs and walls of the slum there lies great minds and potential among the vulnerable girl child and teenage mothers who are currently falling victims to communal neglect, abuse, exploitation and man-made limitation to opportunities that would enhance not only their personal development but also the development of their communities.

Kibera Hamlets girls empowerment programme main objective is to promote the relief of homelessness, hopelessness, human indignity, abuse and misuse of the girl child, teenage mothers and children living in slums, on the streets and under difficult situations.

In order to achieve these objectives, Kibera Hamlets has set up these programs: Rescue a sister program, Somesha (Educate) program and InuaPato (improve livelihoods) program.

Arts Programme

By creating a space for inspiring artistic expression through theatre, dance, acrobatics, music, narratives, poetry and creative writing, this project not only enables youth to find their voices, it also increases self-confidence, team work and showcases the diversity of cultures in Kibera.

Through public performances and participatory educational theatre, this group raises awareness and engages the local community in discussions on critical issues affecting young people in Kibera.

Sports programme

Through the organization of friendly soccer tournaments and afternoon coaching, Kibera Hamlets is actively involved in encouraging sport for the emotional and physical development of both girls and boys ranging from age 11 upwards.

Kibera Hamlets believes that soccer is a powerful tool through which to educate and reduce idleness and risky behaviour among youth.

Environment conservation programme

This project is aimed at creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for human life in the slum.

This is achieved through environmental cleanups and tree planting. Garbage disposal is a major problem in the slum.

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