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The “Kibera Peace Walls” is a Kibera Hamlets project meant to use public art to encourage unity in the community. The youth study peacebuilding and public art, culminating in the creation public murals in high-profile locations around Kibera.

When you stop giving and offering something to the rest of the world, it’s time to turn out the lights.

― George Burns


Ther main objectives to this project are:

a . Use public art to promote peace, understanding and with the aim of building a
more democratic and stable society.

 b. Give Kibera youth an educational experience in which they learn about crucial
issues in their community and society, learn team work, express themselves
artistically, and have the opportunity to contribute to their neighborhoods by
creating uplifting works of art that educate their fellow residents and promote

c. To uplift and inspire residents of Kibera through public art. The murals
created will be brightly-colored and skillfully rendered, allowing locals the
daily enjoyment of art that all too often is only made available to wealthier


The project is meant to have a long-lasting positive effect in the community. For a young
person unfamiliar with his or her ability to create social change, this
experience can be life- changing, and can lead to a life of activism and the
desire to improve one’s community in a variety of ways. Even those who do not
directly participate in the project will be inspired by the artwork 

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